Interview with Actors Stephen Tracey & Erica Anderson (PREY)

PREY played to rave reviews at the August 2018 Female Film Festival in Toronto. Matthew Toffolo: What motivated you to make this film? Taking a quote from the director, Vivien Endicott- Douglas, who says it best: “As women, we are predominantly conditioned to believe that we must sacrifice our own happiness and comfort for the… Continue reading Interview with Actors Stephen Tracey & Erica Anderson (PREY)

Interview with actress Linette Beaumont (THE PROWLER)

Linette Beaumont was the winner of “Best Performance” in her short film THE PROWLER at the April 2017 Horror/Thriller Film Festival. It was an honor to chat with her about her role and what’s next for the talented actress: Matthew Toffolo: Describe your character? How was the process in executing this performance? Linette Beaumont: Eva… Continue reading Interview with actress Linette Beaumont (THE PROWLER)

Interview with Veteran Actor Michael Flynn (The Actors Workshop)

Acting was Michael Flynn’s second choice. Playing second base for the NY Yankees was his first. He soon learned that the Yankees would never come calling – then came the acting bug. An active Mormon, Michael served his mission in France with Mitt Romney of all people!

Interview with Stunt Performer/Actress Kayla Adams (Deadpool, Oblivion)

It was fun to chat with Kayla Adams, a definite artist on the rise. She gives us the insight on being a female stunt performer on Hollywood productions and moving to working as an actress (who can also do her own stunts!)

Go to and follow her on twitter @sugarKAYne

Interview with Actor James Wallis (Shakespeare BASH’d)

I first met James Wallis 5 years ago when he performed at one of our Screenplay Festival events when we were working at the National Film Board of Canada. Right away you could tell he was an actor on the rise as he always served the story he was performing in while also bringing an… Continue reading Interview with Actor James Wallis (Shakespeare BASH’d)

Interview with actor Charley Scalies (The Wire, The Sopranos)

During filming, we hoped it would be nominated for an Emmy, especially when one reviewer said he couldn’t catch any of us acting. Highest praise. As for the “stevedores”, we had no doubt since we all hung out together just like a brotherhood on the docks. But David Simon, the show’s creator, felt its ratings were not high enough to even be considered. Of course, he was right.

Not until later, when the show was called out as being one of the ten best written TV shows of all time, did we came to realize that we might have been a part of a show that would not only be watched, over and over, but studied.

In 2014, I received an invitation from my alma mater, St. Joseph’s University, to speak to members of the Richard Johnson Center for Anti-Violence about my experiences on the series. I was gob-smacked to learn they were studying “The Wire” for its sociological implications!