Interview with Editor Allyson C. Johnson (The Get Down, The Wire, Monsoon Wedding)

Get a job in a cutting room, any job doing anything. It’s important to be exposed to the process as much as possible and to meet people in the business. If you’re an assistant already cut scenes on your own in your spare time using the footage for the show you are working on so you can get some practice and show them to the editor and ask for pointers. Learn the AVID.

Interview with actor Charley Scalies (The Wire, The Sopranos)

During filming, we hoped it would be nominated for an Emmy, especially when one reviewer said he couldn’t catch any of us acting. Highest praise. As for the “stevedores”, we had no doubt since we all hung out together just like a brotherhood on the docks. But David Simon, the show’s creator, felt its ratings were not high enough to even be considered. Of course, he was right.

Not until later, when the show was called out as being one of the ten best written TV shows of all time, did we came to realize that we might have been a part of a show that would not only be watched, over and over, but studied.

In 2014, I received an invitation from my alma mater, St. Joseph’s University, to speak to members of the Richard Johnson Center for Anti-Violence about my experiences on the series. I was gob-smacked to learn they were studying “The Wire” for its sociological implications!

The Wire is the Greatest TV Show of All-Time The marathon continues. Please don’t be down on Season 2. It’s a great season showing how the drug trade in Baltimore is really small potatoes compared to the rest of the world. The troubles run much deeper. Back in the day I did a video review of every single episode: Season 1 is about… Continue reading The Wire is the Greatest TV Show of All-Time