The Wire is the Greatest TV Show of All-Time

The marathon continues.

Please don’t be down on Season 2. It’s a great season showing how the drug trade in Baltimore is really small potatoes compared to the rest of the world. The troubles run much deeper.

    Back in the day I did a video review of every single episode:

Season 1 is about the drug trade.

Season 2 is about Unions and the destruction of the blue color worker.

Season 3 is about how city government works.

Season 4 is about the public school system.

Season 5 is about journalism and the newspaper industry.

Top 10 Wire Characters:

10. Prez Pryzbylewski
9. Avon Barksdale
8. Jimmy McNulty
7. Ziggy Sobatka
6. Bunny Colvin
5. Cedric Daniels
4. Bunk Moreland
3. D’Angelo Barksdale
2. Omar Little
1. Stringer Bell