Interview with Filmmaker Clark Ferguson (SHADOW OF A GIANT)

I wasn’t able to attend the screening but to see an audience watch a work and give feedback (that was good!) was really touching. It actually felt really great to watch the reactions of those who expressed themselves. I also though Lesley Johnson did a great job responding to questions about what it’s like to live near the site and talk about the process of making the project. But ultimately, I was very touched to hear the first speaker react to projection. And the many that followed. It felt good in my heart.

Interview with Filmmaker Christopher H.K. Lee (The Last Tear)

I’ve heard about the topic “comfort women” many times in the news, media, books, newspapers, etc. but I never had my interest in the subject until we began our research with the students about a possibility of putting together a documentary. We traveled thousands of miles to visit the actual historical locations and had the opportunities to meet with the ladies still alive and be witnesses of the scars left on their bodies and souls. Some were supported by the political platform and some were a part of an organizational base trying to make their voice heard which is unknown to the rest of the world. They are becoming weaker day by day and we believe that such traces of painful memories and tragic stories cannot be restored but by remembering them and embracing them, we will provide them the sense of closure.

Interview with Filmmaker Steve Catieau (MARIE MADELEINE)

MARIE MADELEINE was the winner of Best Film, and Best Performances at the April 2016 FEEDBACK Film Festival. I recently interviewed the filmmaker to chat about his experiences making the film. Interview with Steve Catieau:  Matthew Toffolo: What motivated you to make this film? Steve Catieau: I wanted to express something about our society. For me,… Continue reading Interview with Filmmaker Steve Catieau (MARIE MADELEINE)

Interview with Filmmaker Oliver Park (Award Winning Short VICIOUS)

I write what scares me. As a massive horror nerd, I often walk into a space and think “wouldn’t it be scary if….”. Vicious was born from wanting to tell a story that is both horribly tense yet looks beautiful – something that could happen to any of us and that the audience could take home with them afterwards. I wanted to make a short film that was in the league of all these incredible three minute scare-shorts, but one with a meaningful story behind the tension.

Interview with Filmmaker William Mussini (F**KING WORLD)

The short film F**KING WORLD is a must see 1 minute blast. It hits on a lot of emotions that many of us are feelings, plus it’s really funny. William Mussini’s film played to rave reviews at the WILDsound FEEDBACK January 2016 Film Festival.

Interview with filmmaker Jordan Inconstant (YO SOY PEDRO)

I was very surprised! There is no other festival that offers this, it’s great! To see the public reaction and to take part in the festival. There was a little debate about the fact that the film was shot in French while the atmosphere is American, it was interesting. This has pleased all the film crew, Sylvain Ott, composer joins me in thanking you for the price of the best music.

Interview with filmmaker Hani Eskander (OH MY OH AGAMI)

Here are actual people, physically there, physically commenting and reacting to something I had created earlier at home, almost alone. I loved what most had to say and I cannot descrivbe how happy it makes any filmmaker I’m sure, to watch audience feeling and reacting to the film he/she helped create. It’s a very reassuring feeling… that film is powerful… it DOES transcend space and time and gets a message and an emotion through very well.

Interview with Screenwriter Bruna Rubio (VAMPIRAS)

I love the first girl totally got my original idea of Vampiras been a TV series 🙂 The porn part was also funny. have to understand that Spanish TV it’s always a little cheese lol .Also that was my intention … to have the old school vampire formula… of dark comedy mixed with surprises and a little bit of sexy.

Interview with Jeff Meyers. Award winning filmmaker ‘The Blood of Love’

The audience seemed to really like the film and that validates all the effort and creativity and sacrifices you make to bring something like this into reality. You hope what you create will connect with people and it seemed like my film did that. I also appreciate how smart the comments were. Folks really got into the spirit of what “The Blood Of Love,” is about, which is: How far would you go to hold onto the person you love?

Interview with Daniel Reimer, short filmmaker BELL TOWER ENIGMA

It was amazing to see the audience interact with the film. As a short filmmaker you rarely get the opportunity to get that much of detailed feedback from an audience. The general statement “It looks beautiful, but what the hell is going on” didn’t come as that much of a surprise as it is similar to reactions we received from other audiences 🙂 However, I myself enjoy films (or any piece of art for that matter) where there is lots of room for personal interpretation. So it is not that much about the intention of the writer or director, but more about what the audience makes of it for themselves. So in that sense I very much enjoyed the different interpretations and speculations concerning the story.