Interview with filmmaker Michael Gorlick (Reinventing the Reel)

Nervous. It is a strange feeling to be listening to comments about your work while you are in the room and they do not know you are there. But that is where you get the honesty and because it is invaluable to get truthful feedback and it is worth it.

Upcoming Short Film “Artemis & the Astronaut”

My friend John was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He’d lived in our building for about 40 years. He knew everyone and knew all the best gossip about them. In the last few weeks of his life, he became this scared, confused, little boy crying in his bed all the time. I kept wishing I could have the old John back. I think I wrote Artemis & the Astronaut just so I could give Artemis back her Henri.


Interview with Director Scott McDermott (Steadi-Kid – watch film)

Finding a Steady-Cam rig that I could adapt into a baby carrier. Most of the steady-cams available to rent are not rated for enough weight to hold a child and seat. So I approached quite a few stead-cam operators who have their own rigs to do it and they all said no, they didn’t want any kids dangling from their gear – understandably so. I eventually did find a glidecam for rental that was rated to 35lbs and we were off and running – or walking slowly.

Interview with the Director of 1500 NIÑOS, Oliver A Dubois

I was delighted! Short movies may be shown at several festivals, but it’s not every day that the creators of those shorts get real-time feedback from a live audience. It made me really happy. Thanks for that!

Interview with Belguim Director NORA BURLET (Go Against)

When I got your mail, I didn’t watch the video right away. I send it to a friend of mine for him to translate the video’s contents. When I got his translation, I watched the video several times. I found some of my intentions in the audience reactions. In a certain way, I think I succeeded in telling my story. It’s amazing what audience members see in my movie. You can’t control everything when you’re making a movie, so everyone is able to see whatever they want in the final result. And that’s a good thing.