Interview with Screenwriter Ryan Katzer (JACK IS PRETTY)

Ryan Katzer’s written short film “JACK IS PRETTY” was the winner of Best Film at the July 2016 FEEDBACK Film Festival.  Matthew Toffolo: What motivated you to make this film? Ryan Katzer: None of us had made a film. Jarek had the equipment. I had the script. Why not? We had to start somewhere with Indy film, and… Continue reading Interview with Screenwriter Ryan Katzer (JACK IS PRETTY)

Interview with Screenwriter Simon Kelton (Eddie the Eagle)

First, go online and find as many great screenplays to the movies you have loved and read them carefully. They are often even better than the movie itself. Read classics, read genre, read Oscar winning scripts and the very latest releases. If you then discover you love reading them and feel both a burning desire to give it a go as well as a deep-seated belief that you have visions in your mind that you must share with the world then give it a try. Do not be falsely attracted by any perceived glamour or a quick and easy road to riches. There is no industry in the world more competitive, more confusing, more seductive, and more full of brilliant talent that has yet to find its moment in the sun. Be wary, be strong, be realistic, and then be bold.