Gottta get on Sports Jeopardy!

They both played Left Field and First Base, had the same first name and went to the Hall of Fame 2 years apart with a 81.4% and 82.4% That was a recent Final Jeopardy (Sports Edition) answer. Tough one. I couldn’t come up with it in time and neither did any of the 3 contestants… Continue reading Gottta get on Sports Jeopardy!

Doug Marrone, it was good to know you!

It was a trying time in Buffalo Bills land between Christmas and New Years as in that same week our starting quarterback retired unexpectantly, then our head coach resigned due to a buyout clause in his contract. So after a promising 9-7 record, with a strong chance to finally make the playoffs in 2015, we… Continue reading Doug Marrone, it was good to know you!

Being Tall is Overrated

This is for JB. It was 15 years ago that the Buffalo Bills, my team, hit their misery tipping point. We had a great team in 1999, headed for the playoffs with a better than average chance for us to FINALLY win the Super Bowl. For the first 15 games of the season, they were… Continue reading Being Tall is Overrated

Why I’m jealous of the Pittsburgh Steelers

If only this could be the team that I follow. Even in years when they don’t make the playoffs, you know that they will be back because there is always a game-plan in place. Consistency of winning – that’s all we ask in our favorite sports teams and that’s what the Steelers have been for… Continue reading Why I’m jealous of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Football used to channel your aggression

At last night’s FEEDBACK Film Festival ( we showcased a Musical/Documentary short film called Suburban Deathcore ( A film about the underground Deathcore community in suburban areas in North America. The film was really about the community these kids have performed and how they kind of stay out of trouble. Another film we showcased was… Continue reading Football used to channel your aggression