Dan Patrick vs Colin Cowherd

Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd host competing sports radio talk shows. Cowherd, on ESPN’s mothership station from 10am-1pm EST, and Patrick on DirecTV Sports from 9am-12pm EST. A sports fan has a choice during the day to who to listen to, or who to listen to and WATCH as both shows are simulcast on their… Continue reading Dan Patrick vs Colin Cowherd

Review of Al Michaels Book: You Can’t Make This Up

While on my vacation, I quickly ready through Al Michaels book on his nostalgic viewpoints on the landscape of Sports. He’s had a front row seat to tons of events, including some of the greatest Super Bowls every played (including the one on Sunday where he called an almost perfect broadcasting game), and of course… Continue reading Review of Al Michaels Book: You Can’t Make This Up

Joe Madden is Great

The new manager of the Chicago Cubs is Joe Madden, and this is very good for baseball, by far my favorite sport and I root for whatever is the best way to bring more popularity to this game. And having the Chicago Cubs winning is was is easily the best thing for this game. When… Continue reading Joe Madden is Great

Football used to channel your aggression

At last night’s FEEDBACK Film Festival (http://www.wildsound.ca/torontofilmfestivals.html) we showcased a Musical/Documentary short film called Suburban Deathcore (http://www.wildsoundfestival.com/suburban_deathcore.html). A film about the underground Deathcore community in suburban areas in North America. The film was really about the community these kids have performed and how they kind of stay out of trouble. Another film we showcased was… Continue reading Football used to channel your aggression