Interview with Harrison Norris, Director of the award winning film “A PEACEFUL MAN”

It was nice to hear that the audio design was appreciated, particularly that knee stomp (Hi Stewart!). We spent a lot of time making it ‘wetter’, so it’s nice to hear it specifically mentioned. It was also nice to hear the production design was appreciated. The mention of that shot where everything is swept off the table got me particularly, as watching playback for that on set was the first moment I felt we really had something cool in the making.


Football used to channel your aggression

At last night’s FEEDBACK Film Festival ( we showcased a Musical/Documentary short film called Suburban Deathcore ( A film about the underground Deathcore community in suburban areas in North America. The film was really about the community these kids have performed and how they kind of stay out of trouble. Another film we showcased was… Continue reading Football used to channel your aggression