Getting to know the 2015 Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies 2015 baseball season is all about who they trade and what they get in return. This team isn’t going anywhere soon for at least the next few years, and they need to move their veteran players and salaries for blue chip prospects. If you’re a Phillies fan, you’re actually in a pretty good… Continue reading Getting to know the 2015 Philadelphia Phillies

Gottta get on Sports Jeopardy!

They both played Left Field and First Base, had the same first name and went to the Hall of Fame 2 years apart with a 81.4% and 82.4% That was a recent Final Jeopardy (Sports Edition) answer. Tough one. I couldn’t come up with it in time and neither did any of the 3 contestants… Continue reading Gottta get on Sports Jeopardy!

Joe Madden is Great

The new manager of the Chicago Cubs is Joe Madden, and this is very good for baseball, by far my favorite sport and I root for whatever is the best way to bring more popularity to this game. And having the Chicago Cubs winning is was is easily the best thing for this game. When… Continue reading Joe Madden is Great