Gottta get on Sports Jeopardy!

They both played Left Field and First Base, had the same first name and went to the Hall of Fame 2 years apart with a 81.4% and 82.4%

That was a recent Final Jeopardy (Sports Edition) answer. Tough one. I couldn’t come up with it in time and neither did any of the 3 contestants on the shows.

What is the question to that answer?: Willy Stargell and Willy McCovey

Very much a Baby Boomer type question. I went blank on giving an answer because I had no idea Stargell also played left field for a time.

But, watching a few episodes of Sports Jeopardy on Crackle TV, which is hosted by my favorite Dan Patrick, I had to admit that I probably would do well on this show once I get through the nerves on being on that stage. I answer about 60% of the questions right away, plus I’m a long time fan of the original Jeopardy and I know what strategies to use when Daily Doubles come up.

I also downloaded the APP and have whipped the computer competition. Baseball and Football I’m a master at as I’ll answer 90% of any of those sports related questions. I’m better at Hockey than I thought too. I just need to get better at Basketball and any of the fringe sports like Volleyball, Horse Racing, Olympic events etc… that always come into play in every game.

I have realized that I know a lot about sports. Too bad most of the knowledge I have is really pointless and there’s really no use for it in today’s world. Except if you’re a contestant on Sport Jeopardy.

Go to to watch episodes and to be a contestant on the show.

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Matthew Toffolo

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