Gottta get on Sports Jeopardy!

They both played Left Field and First Base, had the same first name and went to the Hall of Fame 2 years apart with a 81.4% and 82.4% That was a recent Final Jeopardy (Sports Edition) answer. Tough one. I couldn’t come up with it in time and neither did any of the 3 contestants… Continue reading Gottta get on Sports Jeopardy!

My Top 10 Sports Broadcasters of All-Time

As Super Bowl 49 takes place tomorrow, I wanted to give my personal favourite sports broadcasters list. Sports play-by-play guys specifically are the ones who really taught me storytelling. The art of framing a situation and serve the story as best as possible. The theory of less is more. Do what you need to do… Continue reading My Top 10 Sports Broadcasters of All-Time