Getting to know the 2015 Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies 2015 baseball season is all about who they trade and what they get in return.

This team isn’t going anywhere soon for at least the next few years, and they need to move their veteran players and salaries for blue chip prospects. If you’re a Phillies fan, you’re actually in a pretty good position because you can rebuild and when you assemble a good team eventually with your draft picks, you have the resourses to keep those players and begin a new legacy.

There’s the old saying General Managers have when trading players: Do it a year too soon and never a year too late.

Translation: Trade the good players when they are assets and you know are in decline. Not when they move past their peak and you can’t trade them for anything worthwhile. That was the Phillies problem in 2013-2014. They needed to move their aging playing and start rebuiling. But emotions towards their 2008 World Series championship and feelings for Jimmy Rollins etc… gave them the notiion that these players had one more good year in them.

So now they need to trade Cole Hanels, Cliff Lee, Chase Utley, Jonathan Papelbon, and Ryan Howard (even though with his salary, no one will take him). And whomever they get back for these trades is how you chock up whether 2015 is a success or failure for the Phillies.