Interview with Director/Production Designer David Hackl (SAW Franchise)

I’m very proud of the Saw franchise and feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work on it. It a piece of cinema history now. I also have a real fondness for Outlander as it was one of the most epic projects that I’ve done. I had to research it like crazy and learn everything about viking architecture, culture, weaponry etc. We had to build everything, weaponry and huge sets that included a viking village with 22 buildings and an 80 foot Viking ship that was fully practical. The craftsmanship from the whole crew was outstanding in every department. I’ve always loved viking stories and would love to direct a viking feature now.

Horror Movies. WILDsound’s Top 100 Best of All-Time

“Experiencing a visceral feeling while still feeling safe.” – Peter Sawka That is my film-making friend’s definition of a horror film.  It kind of makes sense. Like riding a roller-coaster ride and being scared but knowing that you’re going to be safe in a matter of minutes. I’ve personally never been attracted to the scary… Continue reading Horror Movies. WILDsound’s Top 100 Best of All-Time