Horror Movies. WILDsound’s Top 100 Best of All-Time

“Experiencing a visceral feeling while still feeling safe.”

– Peter Sawka

That is my film-making friend’s definition of a horror film.  It kind of makes sense. Like riding a roller-coaster ride and being scared but knowing that you’re going to be safe in a matter of minutes.

I’ve personally never been attracted to the scary movie genre. It was never my thing. Growing up in a small town, most of my friends liked to go fishing during the day and watch horror films at night. I wasn’t into either and it wasn’t for lack of trying in an attempt to fit it. I didn’t want to feel scared no matter how safe I really was. I did admire many of the films though, but I never got the suffering of the victim angle this genre soon started to focus on like the Saw and Hostel films. I could understand the focus of the chase angle I grew up on, but not the “torture porn” horror films that some labelled them as.

Many of my friends LOVE horror films and defend them as harmless entertainment. But the question is how the can impact many people after the lights go on? Some argue that they can linger for months and years in your subconscious and dreams.

Here is WILDsound’s writer Mark Engberg’s Top 100 Horror Films of all-time list:


The question is what is a horror film? He has films that range from Se7en (1995),  to Jaws (1975), to The Shining (1980), to the classic Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Child’s Play genre.

The horror genre can cross many other sub-genres like:

– The Zombie Horror

– The Action Horror

– The Slasher Film

– The Splatter Film

– Sci-Fi Horror

– Psychological Horror

– Gothic Horror

– Gore Horror

– Comedy Horror

– Body Horror

To name 10.

If interested, here’s a PODCAST I did with Mark Engberg on the subject a couple of years ago.  It became such an interesting topic, this YouTube video has already garnered over 28,000 views:

– Matthew Toffolo


By matthewtoffolo

Filmmaker and sports fan. CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival www.wildsound.ca

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