Interview with Graphic Designer Tina Charad (Maleficent, Fifty Shades of Grey)

It really does depend. On the whole, a large studio film in the UK could be 9/10 months work. The prep time is longer as is the shooting schedule. I have worked both in the UK, where I started and the US, where I now live. In the UK the Graphic Designer is really responsible for a large amount more work than the US. That may sound bizarre in terms of the work load varying but in the US there are a lot more print houses and production places that can facilitate some of the graphic design parts where as in the UK, the Graphic Designer creates all the Art department, set dec & prop pieces – no matter how big or small.

Interview with 1st AD Mathew Dunne (War for the Planet of the Apes)

General crew members can work on three/ four movies a year, so they see all sorts. They know immediately if you know what you’re doing. They want information. They want to work as efficiently as possible and as soon as they see that you’re on top of it, you’re in.

You have two great opportunities to establish this with a large group of people. The Production Meeting before shooting begins and the safety meeting on the first d

Interview with Storyboard Artist Kurt Van der Basch (Star Wars Episodes VII and VIII)

It was an honor to sit down with the brilliant storyboard artist Kurt Van der Basch, who worked on Star Wars: Episode VII. Of course he’s not allowed to talk about it, which is fine because there are so many other questions to ask him.

Please go to his website or follow him on Facebook and view 100s of storyboards from his various credits, including: Assassin’s Creed, Sense8, The Borgias, Chronicles of Narnia, and The Illusionist, to name a few.

Interview with director Adam Preston (The Last Post)

Adam Preston’s award winning comedy short film “The Last Post” played at the FEEDBACK Film Festival in November 2015. It was awarded “Best Overall Performances in a Short Film” at the festival. Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of THE LAST POST: I recently chatted with Adam Preston about his short film and what’s next for… Continue reading Interview with director Adam Preston (The Last Post)

Upcoming Short Film “Artemis & the Astronaut”

My friend John was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He’d lived in our building for about 40 years. He knew everyone and knew all the best gossip about them. In the last few weeks of his life, he became this scared, confused, little boy crying in his bed all the time. I kept wishing I could have the old John back. I think I wrote Artemis & the Astronaut just so I could give Artemis back her Henri.

Interview with Director Scott McDermott (Steadi-Kid – watch film)

Finding a Steady-Cam rig that I could adapt into a baby carrier. Most of the steady-cams available to rent are not rated for enough weight to hold a child and seat. So I approached quite a few stead-cam operators who have their own rigs to do it and they all said no, they didn’t want any kids dangling from their gear – understandably so. I eventually did find a glidecam for rental that was rated to 35lbs and we were off and running – or walking slowly.

Tips to hiring the best crew members for your film

HIRING A CREW FILMMAKING NOTES Job Hiring Your Production Crew – When hiring your CREW, first and foremost what you’re looking for is other leaders. People who will take their position and own it – make themselves the LEADER of that job. This is a collaborative medium. Everyone can pour themselves into the film, no… Continue reading Tips to hiring the best crew members for your film

Directing Actors. And Actors working with Directors. TIPS

DIRECTING ACTORS FILMMAKING NOTES Film Directing and being a Film Director What Is A Film Director? How do you run an independent film casting call? How do you get the best out of the actors you’ve chosen to bring your film to life? Whether you’re running your first independent film casting call or into your… Continue reading Directing Actors. And Actors working with Directors. TIPS

The SHOTS are all you have. Film Directing SHOTS

FILM SHOTS FILMMAKING NOTES Interview with Oscar Nominated Production Designer Michael Corenblith FILM DIRECTING SHOTS – One of the most over used cliches in film is “The Shots are all you have.” The following are what you need to think about practically so you can think creatively and device the best shot list and camera… Continue reading The SHOTS are all you have. Film Directing SHOTS