Interview with Director Kjersti Steinsbø (HEVN)

Kjersti Steinsbø’s feature film HEVN (Revenge) is a fascinating take on a classic movie plot. What happens when you seek revenge? It also tackles the subject of sexual abuse and the men who get away with it. HEVN is currently playing at the TIFF Lightbox in downtown Toronto. HEVN is a terrific film and it… Continue reading Interview with Director Kjersti Steinsbø (HEVN)

Interview with Special Effects Supervisor Daniel Acon (Zoolander 2, Gangs of New York, Passion of the Christ)

I think that practical special effects will always be required for many situations in movies but there is a fast growing technology which allows many practical fx to be recreated in post production by the visual effects team. From explosions to squibs, there are many

visuals that now can replace to a good degree our practical fx. There will always be challenges but also innovations with new technologies, practical special effects are developing with them and are always sharing more with visual effects.

How to Write a Screenplay. Tips for everyone

HOW TO WRITE A SCREENPLAY FILMMAKING NOTES SCREENPLAY WRITING When writing a SCREENPLAY, it’s all about CHARACTER, PLOT, and THEME – the three cornerstones to telling a great story. Below is Part One of NOTES you need to think about when writing a script. Whether you’re a seasoned script writer or just a beginner, these… Continue reading How to Write a Screenplay. Tips for everyone