Interview with Filmmaker Mahée Merica (A SIGN)

Matthew Toffolo: What motivated you to make this film? Mahée Merica: It’s a pretty silly reason… It all happened during the exam period of my university, and I needed to get distracted. See, people at my uni were really competitive, and always stressed out during the exam period, so everyone is just studying, studying, studying… Continue reading Interview with Filmmaker Mahée Merica (A SIGN)

Interview with Filmmaker Don Duncan (A SIGN)

I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to see real people react to the film. All the feedback I have had so far has often been either critical or negative (in the case of many professors at my school) or effusive (because I have been present in person at many of the projections). The WILDsound audience could speak freely and honestly and so their impressions were a joy to see. I was also over the moon to see that many in the audience seemed to have grasped and engaged with the main story arc but also with some of the sub-themes of the film. I took a risk by making a film that is somewhat open-ended and one which depends more on visual and musical communication rather than verbal communication. I am delighted to see that, for some in the audience, this paid off.