Interview with Screenwriter Richard Geiwitz (WIGGLE ROOM)

Matthew Toffolo: What is your screenplay about?

Richard Geiwitz: It’s about two people trying to escape their past, but find themselves doing so in a very trying and deadly environment.

2. What genres does your screenplay fall under?

Definitely Noir. Also, thriller, suspense, crime and romance. Kind of a RomNoir.

3. Why should this screenplay be made into a movie?

It will be very entertaining. Plus, there’s plenty of social and legal issues to think about.

4. How would you describe this script in two words?

Exciting romance.

5. What movie have you seen the most times in your life?


6. How long have you been working on this screenplay?

A little over one year.

7. How many stories have you written?

I currently have 19 scripts, including feature and shorts, and treatments out there. I have about another ten in the past, including short stories and a novel.

8. What is your favorite song? (Or, what song have you listened to the most times in your life?)

Gimme Some Lovin’ by the Spencer Davis Group.

9. What obstacles did you face to finish this screenplay?

Thrillers and Noir scripts are so complicated. I spend a lot of time making sure all ends met. Any rewrites and I had to comb through the whole script to make sure there were no mistakes.

10. Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

I really like Asian philosophy, architecture and languages. Not that I’m and expert at any of them, but they’re fun and fascinating.

11. You entered your screenplay via FilmFreeway. What has been your experiences working with the submission platform site?

The site is very easy to navigate. I always get updates on coming contests. Just very professional and encouraging.

12. What influenced you to enter the festival? What were your feelings on the initial feedback you received?

I really enjoy and respect the feedback I receive. It’s always great.

Average Joe vacations at a Mexican resort and returns with a beautiful woman who’s hooked up with drug cartel killers.


David: John Leung
Chucho: Liam Kinahan
Narrator: Anjelica Alejandro
David: John Leung
Dabria: Mandy May Cheetham

Submit exclusively via Film Freeway:


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