Interview with Writer Manny Soto (TWO FRIENDS ON THE PORCH)

1. What is your short story about?

My story is about two ladies that live next door to each other and soon their life’s become one big family.

2. What genre(s) would you say this story is in?

It has multiple genres it spreads over forty years of friendship.

3. How would you describe this story in two words?

Powerful, Real

4. What movie have you seen the most in your life?

Two movies that I’ve seen multiple times, The Woman in Gold and My Great Big Fat Greek Wedding.

5. Do you remember the time in your life when you realized that you wanted to write?

I wrote my first children’s story at the age of twelve. I knew then I wanted to be a writer.

6. Do you have an all-time favorite novel?

Hemingway’s “The Old man and The Sea.”

7. What is your favorite meal?

I’m Cuban so anything with rice and if you add black beans you got me.

8. If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive), who would that be?

My father

9. Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

I love film making

10. Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

My advice, if you don’t have passion for the topic you write about stop writing and select another topic. You have to feel the words.

11. What has been your experiences submitting your work with the FilmFreeway submission platform? (if this applies to you)

My experience with Filmfreeway, AMAZING.

Watch the Short Story Reading:


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Filmmaker and sports fan. CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival

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