Interview with Director Rob Hawk

The benefit of wearing many hats has a lot of benefits. I am fortunate enough to know how to write, shoot, and edit. When doing projects on a smaller budget it certainly can eliminate a lot of expenses if you have the expertise to do it yourself. The question is, do i prefer to do it myself. Yes, and No. It’s a lot of work. I wrote the Cold film, i casted it, i directed it, i got the locations, i directed it, i edited it, and so on. The end result of it is simply amazing. I got exactly what i wanted in that picture. However, with Fight Valley, i agreed to let the distribution edit it and it’s hard to allow someone else to take control of your vision. You just feel like you’re not getting what you want and if only you could just edit it yourself. At the same time, it helps because i was able to move on to another film while the editing was being handled. It’s a double edge sword. I prefer to write it, direct it, shoot it and edit it if i had to choose. But sometimes, ya gotta let it go =(