Interview with the Filmmaking team for the Short Film “MERKUR”

It was very cool. The audience was amazing. It was exactly the kind of reactions we were expecting when we were making the film. Thank you again !

Interview with filmmaker Michael Gorlick (Reinventing the Reel)

Nervous. It is a strange feeling to be listening to comments about your work while you are in the room and they do not know you are there. But that is where you get the honesty and because it is invaluable to get truthful feedback and it is worth it.

Interview with filmmaker Rian Smith (Robbie the Rabbit)

Right before any audience sees my film I immediately think that I’m a fraud and the film is terrible and that I’ll be chased through the streets with pitchforks and tax increases. So, I was relieved that they actually engaged with the film, that’s all I ask.

Interview with Filmmaker Don Duncan (A SIGN)

I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to see real people react to the film. All the feedback I have had so far has often been either critical or negative (in the case of many professors at my school) or effusive (because I have been present in person at many of the projections). The WILDsound audience could speak freely and honestly and so their impressions were a joy to see. I was also over the moon to see that many in the audience seemed to have grasped and engaged with the main story arc but also with some of the sub-themes of the film. I took a risk by making a film that is somewhat open-ended and one which depends more on visual and musical communication rather than verbal communication. I am delighted to see that, for some in the audience, this paid off.

Interview with filmmaker Cedric Messemanne (AFTER)

I was really glad to have a chance to know what people from Toronto thought of my film, because in most cases, I don’t have the possibility to attend the foreign festivals featuring my shorts, and overall I don’t get any specific feedback, so it feels a bit like a dehumanized process sometimes. Plus, there were some very interesting interpretations from the audience, it’s always fascinating to hear how people perceived your work.

Interview with filmmaker Tingting Liu (BEING)

I was very happy my movie sold very well about what I wanted to say, and the audience totally get it. It made me believe I have found my “ghost toy” which is animation to talk to people . Also thank you very much for showing these feedback to me.

Interview with filmmaker Pepe Gomez (KNOCKED DOWN)

I was quite nervious at the beginning (watching the audience feedback of my film), but people seemed to react very positively so it really was a great experience.