Interview with Writer/Editor Sreyash Myneni (IDEAS ARE WELCOME)

Directed by LaDerrian Meredith
A filmmaker, during a pitch session, witnesses his story face drastic changes according to the producer’s liking while the character in his story reacts to those changes.

Interview with the writer:

Motivation to make the film:

I feel like everyone feels some version of this when they’re being criticized or in a similar interaction. There’s a version of us that wants to explode and we try to suppress these feelings. I was experimenting with storytelling techniques and felt this would be funny.

Idea to finished product:

1-2 months considering all the time I spent working on it. I never intended on having music and I’m happy that it worked out the way it did.

2 word description:

Reality Check

Biggest obstacle while making this film:

Maintaining a constant color palette was a struggle at first due to the nature of the film.

Initial reactions when watching feedback:

It was exciting to see the audience entertained by the nuances of the film. I especially like one of the responses where she says that it wasn’t over the top because one of the many versions that led to the final cut ended up being a little over the top with its usage of sound effects.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

Realization to make films:

I think almost any film has an audience that is yet to be established. I grew up glued to films but I realised that there can be more to it than mind blowing stunts and dialogue. I then realized that I was attracted to story elements and character studies a lot more. I figured this path would be fruitful in many ways.

Most watched film:

It’s very hard to pick one because we’ve grown up watching everything from slapstick comedies to cult classics. I’m a lot into psychological and fantasy themes.

How festivals can help:

Festivals tend to do what they can to help and networking events help a lot to meet with filmmakers from all stages of life.

Film freeway definitely makes the whole process more convenient. I can’t imagine this process without such a platform.

Favorite meal:

Another hard question. I’m a bit of a foodie, coming from India, I fell in love with Mexican and middle eastern cuisines.

Future: I’m working on a coming of age adventure drama story with a sci fi element while focussing on a broader portfolio.


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