Interview with Filmmaker Alyona Kaporina (2 LINES/2 LIVES)

2 LINES/2 LIVES was the winner of BEST FILM at the January 2022 FEMALE Filmmakers Film Festival.

1. What motivated you to make this film?

I have to shoot something; I have to shoot my own film. When I started to develop my film story “2Lines/2Lives”, I was in so called “professional depression”. I have been refused for the second time in financial support for my short film-debut project by the Ukrainian state film agency. Another several agreements about shooting my film were failed. I was 35, four years had passed from the time I got my second education as a film director. But I still couldn’t start my director’s career. So I have decided to shoot film by my own money. First of all, I have chosen the script that touched me deeper than others and the one I can make by my budget. Besides I feel all the troubles of the heroine very closely because of my own experience.

2. From the idea to the finished product, how long did it take for you to make this film?

I wrote the script in the end of 2018. I wasn’t supposed to shoot it then. But in summer 2020 I returned to the script for some reasons. So, in May 2021, the film was completed. I mean it has passed about 2 and a half years from the idea till the realization.

3. How would you describe your film in two words?

What is more important? Does it her desire to have a baby or his desire to make a career?

4. What was the biggest obstacle you faced in completing this film?

Mostly I had a lot of obstacles and troubles in the pre-production period. As my short film had no budget (just my own money for shooting equipment) it was hard to gather all the crew in one day and place because all of them had worked in the commercial projects. The shooting had been postponed for two times. But then it had happened very interesting story during the shooting period. I had no money to rent the box set that’s why we had to shoot in the flat of our DOP’s. And that was much better than any box set because we had so adventurous days. At the beginning of the shooting day (shooting night) his neighbors came to us and said they were going to call the police. My executive producer had tried tо calm them down for the whole night. Next day our DOP was hardly given the key of the street. Thanks to all the crew, for their help and invest in the film. Special thanks to Ivan Fomichenko, our DOP.

5. What were your initial reactions when watching the audience talking about your film in the feedback video?

I could hardly believe people talked about my own film. It is incredible when people from others countries talk about YOUR work.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

6. When did you realize that you wanted to make films?

Do you mean directing and making films in general? I realized that 8 or 9 years ago. I was always attracted by cinematography. And when I was 28, I thought why not to try. So I entered the university (the second education) and started to learn how to shoot films.

7. What film have you seen the most in your life?

I have a lot of favorite films. One of them “It’s a wonderful life” by Frank Capra.

8. What other elements of the festival experience can we and other festivals implement to satisfy you and help you further your filmmaking career?

I am very thankful to you and to others festivals, you give the opportunity to show films to our viewers all over the world!

I wish you to overcome the pandemic situation and go back to the live communication.

9. You submitted to the festival via FilmFreeway. How has your experiences been working on the festival platform site?

As for me, Film freeway is the most clear and convenient recourse for festival distribution.
I am satisfied having experience to work with the platform. Thanks a lot.


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Filmmaker and sports fan. CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival

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