Interview with Poet James Morgan-Jones (Demoiselle)

Matthew Toffolo: What is the theme of your poem?

James Morgan-Jones: The beauty of the natural world, of difference and of the individual.

2) What motivated you to write this poem?

A visitation by the demoiselle as I sat in the garden on a beautiful spring day.

3) How long have you been writing poetry?

15 years.

4) If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive), who would
that be?

D H Lawrence.

5) What influenced you to submit to have your poetry performed by a
professional actor?

It’s great to have one’s work showcased on such a platform.

6) Do you write other works? scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?

Yes, I write novels (The Glasswater Quintet) and short stories and have recently written a one-act play.


7) What is your passion in life?

The power of language. The many beautiful things that we imperil each day.

Watch the Poetry Reading: 

Performed by Allison Kampf

Demoiselle, by James Morgan-Jones

Let’s be direct: Beautiful Demoiselle.
What naming could be apter? In noon-light
a sliver of midnight blue comes spinning
from Hades’ palette, frailly fluttering,
a butterfly blue from the underworld.
Yet not quite: no sheer lepidopteran
makes this skittery, whirligig descent,
achieves in repose such sleek elegance.

He rests like a svelte blue pin, superbly
singular, wings deep-dipped in indigo:
pure concept lodged brilliant in spinel.
Such exquisite difference brings profound
gratification, a joy extinguished
in the homogenised world we fashion.

When I dream I’ll drink some of his lustre,
bask in the resplendence of my colours –
what flagrant beauty then in dynamism,
such glory mirrored in heaven’s dark glass.

By matthewtoffolo

Filmmaker and sports fan. CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival

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