WILDsound’s TOP 100 Chistmas Movies of All-Time

“It’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. The film has a life of its own now, and I can look at it like I had nothing to do with it. I’m like a parent whose kid grows up to be president. I’m proud… but it’s the kid who did the work. I didn’t even think of it as a Christmas story when I first ran across it. I just liked the idea.”

– Director Frank Capra (It’s a Wonderful Life) on the success of the film.

Read the Top 100 Christmas Movies of All-Time List:

What is the best X-Mas film of All-time? I don’t think there is any debate, it’s “It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)” Perhaps the film that has been seen by the most people in the history of cinema. After it bombed at the box office (funny, but it’s true), “It’s a Wonderful Life” had been shown every year on television during the Christmas season, always to high ratings. Add that with the VHS, DVD, and now home viewing sales, this is a film that enters every new generation. My mom showed it to me as I’ll show it to my kids as my mom’s mom showed it to her.

The most controversial title on the list is “Die Hard (1988)”. Listed at #5 of the greatest Christmas movies of all-time, it doesn’t make a lot of people happy as they don’t consider it a X-Mas movie. Well I say it definitely is. It’s a story about a man trying to connect with his family on Christmas. He has to go through all of these “hero” highjinks because he needs to save his wife and see his kids again. His love for the holiday and his family is his motivation to kill the bad guys. Plus, it is THE greatest action movie of all-time. “Die Hard” is definitely a Christmas movie.

I have a soft spot for “Home Alone (1990)”. #7 on the list. It’s a film that will hold up for years to come and it eventually will be the #2 X-Mas movie of all-time.

Please enjoy the list. Take a look:

Top 10 Football Movies of the 2000s (2000 to Present)

Football Movies. You wonder why Hollywood doesn’t make more of them considering the sport to so popular in comparison to the other sports. The only concern is that these movies don’t play well overseas because they only play football in North America and the rest of the world doesn’t know what the heck is going on when they watch it.

In fact, the best interpretation of football in the arts and entertainment industry has been on television. The TV version of Friday Night Lights (based on the movie, which was based on the award winning novel) is easily the best football themed portrayal of this century. But, this is the list of the top 10 football movies, and here we go.

See the full list here, including reviews of each film, plus a football movie list year by year:


#10 – The Game Plan, 2007

Basically a kids movie starring The Rock. It kind of works in moments. And I truly believe Dwayne Johnson as a quarterback.

#9 – Two For the Money, 2005

Total disappointment in relation to the potential this movie had. We still need a solid movie about football gambling. Pretend you can’t gamble on football games as the fine would be assassination if you’re caught. Football would cease to exist in 5 years. Gambling is what holds the game together. People can argue that point all they want but it’s true.

#8 – Radio, 2003

“Cuba Gooding Jr. went full retard” (quote from Tropic Thunder) and the movie still works because Ed Harris playing the coach is so good. This is a realistic sports movie. You can argue a little wonky at times, but we need movies like this more than most that come out of Hollywood.

#7 – The Replacements, 2000

A fun movie to watch in the cinema if you’re on a date or hanging with friends when it came out. A little silly but Gene Hackman as the coach is terrific and we all love rooting for the underdog, who is Keanu Reeves in this film!

#6 – Gridiron Gang, 2006

The Rock stars in two football films that make this list. Youth Prison guard teaches teenagers how to play football and they become better men. The NFL probably LOVES this film. Okay message delivered on the “based on a true story” film but a lot of this film seems made up.

#5 – Friday Night Lights, 2004

You need this film first to get the TV show, so that’s why it’s so high on the list. I personally felt that director Peter Berg moved the camera way too much, but what do I know? People liked it.

#4 – Remember The Titans, 2000

Two solid, if not spectacular performances by Denzel Washington and Will Patton as two coaches trying to find the middle ground in a trying Civil Rights era. This film really works.

#3 – Big Fan, 2009

Perhaps one of the most underrated sports movies of all-time. Independent film about a guy who loves the New York Giants so much, he can’t see the forest through the trees even after the star player on the team beats him up for no apparent reason. It’s message is a metaphor for politics: Why do we vote for certain politicians even after they keep beating us up? Watch this great film if you haven’t already.

#2 – The Blind Side, 2009

I cried like a little puppy during and after this film. It got to me how this mother would do anything for this man-child. I wished she was my mom!

#1 – We Are Marshall, 2006

How do you get over mass death? That’s what this film is really about. You need to keep going no matter how much you just want to roll up into a ball and let the world pass you by. And this film tries to tell us how to get back up even after all is lost.

That’s my list. Enjoy

Matthew Toffolo

WILDsound’s Top 100 Comedy Movies of All-Time

ā€œIā€™m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.ā€ ā€” Ron Burgundy

Late last year the WILDsound organizers came out with the list of the 100 Greatest Comedy Movies of All-Time. And to make things even funner, there is a link review to each page on the site as well:


    Of course, any list like this is going to stir up a little debate. But the equation for coming up with the list is simple:

    1) Movie stands the test of time. Is funny when it came out. It’s funny now. And it’s going to be funny in 50 years.

    2) Has the best story within the guidelines of it being funny.

    3) Trendsetting. Movie that shook up the genre and set it on a different course. Future films have “borrowed” the plot points and situation-al comedy.

    4) Pop-Culture influence. When you keep hearing quotes from the film years after it came out, you know you can call is a masterpiece.

    5) Emotional moments. The film is funny of course, but there are also moments that make you feel deeply as well.

Put it all together and ANCHORMAN is the greatest comedy movie of all-time. And DR. STRANGELOVE is a very close second.

But take a look at the list and see if you agree or disagree. I’m sure many of your favorites are on the list, but many are not. There are 1000s of great comedies made, but we only could list 100.




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