2015 MacBeth – Interview with reviewer Gilbert Seah

Read Gilbert’s movie review of MacBeth: http://festivalreviews.org/2015/12/09/movie-review-macbeth-2015/

I recently chatted this Gilbert about his reactions to the Shakespeare 2015 version of MacBeth. 

What is your personal history with this epic Shakespeare play? When did you first read it? Have you seen it performed on stage?

I always loved English Literature in school.  I studied in Singapore, a former British colony and had to study Shakespeare plays in school.  But my school did not pick MacBeth, so I never read the play.  Neither have I seen it on stage.  But I have seen many film versions;


Have you watched most film adaptations of MacBeth? 

I would have to say I have seen 6 different film adaptations including one in Russian that lasted 3 hours.

You reference the 1971 Roman Polanski directed MacBeth in your review. Is that the ultimate cinematic portrayal of MacBeth?

There is no ultimate portrayal of MacBeth.  Each actor brings in his own interpretation and colour to the role.  My favourite portrayal is the 1983 TV version with Nicol Williamson.  It was a one-man play/adaptation.

Michael Fassbender is an amazing actor with an impressive acting resume in his brief career. Seems like he’s just getting started and has a couple Oscar wins in his future. How would you rate his performance in comparison to Jon Finch’s (1971)? 

It is difficult to say who is better.  For one, it has been more than 20 years since I saw the 1971 Roman Polanski version.  But Polanski is a great director in top form at the time, and I loved his interpretation of the play

Marion Cotillard as Lady MacBeth seems like perfect casting. I’d pay the $15 to just to see her portrayal. Did she disappoint? 

Sh was very good.  But I wish she displayed more evil.


How is this 2015 version of MacBeth different from the others?

  The film is more abstract and more out of the open.  It looks more like a film than a play, compared to other film adaptations.

Any other actors you like to see play MacBeth and Lady MacBeth on screen? 

Like to see Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper or Leonardo DiCaprio do Shakespeare.

Jennifer Lawrence and older stars like Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett – I would love to see play Lady MacBeth.