Intervie with Producer/Key Cast Member Christoph Schöfegger (MONOLOG 2)

MONOLOG 2, 10min., Austria, Documentary
Directed by Nils Roling
Christoph Schoefegger has been skiing longer than he can remember, it’s his biggest love and his whole life circles around it. But what happens if somehow you loose the foundation of this passion? What happens when you don’t go skiing for yourself anymore but because of competitions?

Get to know Christoph Schoefegger:

1. What motivated you to make this film?

The whole film was more a journey than really planed to go out and make a movie. Basically the last push to make this movie was the Coronavirus and that we suddenly had even more time to ski and film because of Lockdowns and so we just went out and had fun. But in my mind I also had that I don’t want to make just another ski movie, I really wanted to inspire people and share my passion with them, and also that it’s not always about competition or against each other it’s just about being out with friends and having fun.

2. From the idea to the finished product, how long did it take for you to make this film?

Basically 4 years ago it all started with a small commercial project for the Innsbruck Tourismoffice. Than we didn’t film for almost 1 year and 2 years ago we started again with this project to film some bigger Lines but didn’t really had a story ready. And last winter season 2021/22 we finally had everything together and finished it off with the last shots and all the editing. So just the movie itself was filmed and edited over 2 years but the whole process of being able to ski those mountains on the Monoski and having a story and crew ready to make a film out of it took almost 4 years 🙂

3. How would you describe your film in two words!?

Inspiring Action

4. What was the biggest obstacle you faced in completing this film?

To film those big mountain lines. On the Monoski it’s even more important that the conditions are 100% safe and in very good snow to really ski it the way i was looking to do. So there was a lot of waiting for the perfect days and on those you suddenly have to have your whole crew ready that was sometimes a little chaotic but worked out in the end.

5. What were your initial reactions when watching the audience talking about your film in the feedback video?

I was really blessed! It’s amazing to get such a great feedback especially because lot of the audience are not skiers or snowboarders. But they still understood the message and felt inspired by my story which was very amazing for me. Also it’s a great honour that they liked the editing with all this graffic effects where I really have to say thank you to my editor who did an amazing job there!

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

6. When did you realize that you wanted to make films?

In skiing we usually film a lot when we on the mountain. Mostly with our phone cameras just to remember or to have another look on what we can make better. But I always loved inspiring movies and especially travel movies. And so it somehow just happend that we went on a Trip through Norway 3 skiers, a photographer and a filmmaker and so somehow the first movie was born. And from that on I was involved in a few different ski film projects, sometimes only as a skier and now again back as producer and skier.

7. What film have you seen the most in your life?

I think this must be Léon: The Professional. original Title Léon.

8. What other elements of the festival experience can we and other festivals implement to satisfy you and help you further your filmmaking career?

As I’m not in so much Festivals involved and don’t really have a filmmaking career this question is very difficult to answer.

In general I would say it’s just very important to show as much movies as possible and maybe not only choose the films from already big names of the industry but also give newcomers a fair chance to present themself or even highlight them in some kind of way.

9. You submitted to the festival via FilmFreeway. How has your experiences been working on the festival platform site?

I don’t work a lot on it but for submitting the movie to festivals my experience was that it was very uncomplicated and easy. Which is great as it saves a lot of time 🙂

10. What is your favorite meal?

I don’t really have a favourite. I really like the south european kitchen like Italian or Greek & Turkish.

11. What is next for you? A new film?

For now we are just happy to bring this movie to as many interested viewers as possible!

And maybe we do another film but if it will be a Monoski Movie again or if we do a cool Roadtrip/ Travel movie again is not decided yet.


By matthewtoffolo

Filmmaker and sports fan. CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival

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