Interview with Writer Kai Strand (Twitter Short Story)

Matthew Toffolo: What gave you the idea to write this very short story?

Kai Strand: You did! I saw a challenge tweet and had to see if I could write a story in so few characters. It was so much fun, I’m considering making this a habit.

2) How many stories/screenplays have you written?

I’ve published 12 novels for kids and teens under Kai Strand and 3 novels for the grown ups among us under the pen name LA Dragoni.

3) What movie have you watched the most times in your life?

It’s a cross between Wizard of Oz and Phantom of the Opera (Gerard Butler version.) I always loved the beginning and end of Wizard of Oz the best and Andrew Lloyd Weber’s music for Phantom is amazing, as is the heartbreaking story.

4) What’s your favorite thing about twitter? What’s your least favorite thing about twitter?

I love that literary agents tell all on twitter. What they’re looking for, why they pass on manuscripts, who they’ve just signed. It’s very helpful. I’m not too crazy about…about…hmmm, maybe the fact that I don’t have enough time to be on there often as I’d like.

5) Who would you really like to have dinner with? (dead or alive)

Mozart. I would love to hear how he was able to compose those complicated, layered pieces. Get a peek inside his thought process. Maybe even hear some music he wasn’t able to write when he was still alive.

Watch the Twitter Story Reading:

Performed by Carina Cojeen

ESCAPE, by Kai Strand

Chloe wanted out. She scratched, whined, pleaded & cried. Jiggled the knob & rattled the door. No one let her out. Then she realized she’d never tried to get herself out. With a spin of the wrist, the knob turned & she stepped through to a new life. She had the power all along.

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