Interview with Writer H. Rena Norrod (Twitter Short Story)

Matthew Toffolo: What gave you the idea to write this very short story?

H. Rena Norrod: Honestly, I was working on my young adult novel when I saw the prompt for the micro story, and I have a star baseball player as one of my three main characters. There is a scene where another character is being very aggressive and bullying my player, so I thought it was too bad I wasn’t writing horror or I could do something about it. When I saw your prompt, I used it as a means to let my baseball player get even with his nemesis.

2) How many stories/screenplays have you written?

Wow. I’m guessing just saying a lot isn’t good enough. So, I’ll break it down. I’ve written ten novels, three short scripts, eight full-length spec screenplays, and a whole battery of short stories. Most of them are contemporary, but a handful of them are fantastical. They’re all thrillers, suspense, and horror. I do have one rom-com spec and a drama spec too though.

3) What movie have you watched the most times in your life?

The movie I’ve watched the most that resonated with me the most is SECONDHAND LIONS. It’s one of my favorites. When my son was little we also wore out the old VHS copy of SCOOBY-DOO & THE BOO BROTHERS too. I’ve bought multiple copies of both of these films though.

4) What’s your favorite thing about twitter? What’s your least favorite thing about twitter?

Twitter is an amalgam. There is just as much to love about it as there is to hate about it. I love the ability to connect with fellow artists near and far, but sometimes the viciousness of trolls is a bit overwhelming.

5) Who would you really like to have dinner with? (dead or alive)

That’s a tough one. There are a few and I’m not sure I can pin it down to just one. Lucille Ball for breaking ground as a female comedienne. Marilyn Monroe for instilling body positive vibes into the world of women. Jackie Kennedy for showing women how to be strong. Ava DuVernay for being the queen of female screenwriting. There are just so many. If they are strong women that have made the world better for women, then I’ll buy them a drink.

Watch Twitter Story:

Performed by Carina Cojeen

By: H. Rena Norrod

Without a flinch, he stared as the baseball smacked into his face on the sultry day. Huey Jon was the man that missed no pitches after all, and today was no exception. When the umpire realized he wasn’t bleeding, the stands grew quiet. Old Huey was finally dead. The job was done.

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