Interview with Writer Angela Meredith (Twitter Short Story)

Matthew Toffolo: What gave you the idea to write this very short story?

Angela Meredith: It was written on impulse after writing cryptocurrency articles. I think perhaps you might have to have some insight into crypto culture to understand the depth of the story. The language is quite technical. It’s also hugely ironic. Sorry, iconic. This is Bitcoin we’re talking about, after all.

2) How many stories/screenplays have you written?

I have lost count – I have written drama and a couple of screenplays professionally and also write fiction. But recently I realised that everything I write is actually a screenplay. I have a very strong visual sense and studied Art History. My home looks like a Matisse painting, although generally I don’t lounge about dressed like a Matisse odalisque. There are already too many people doing that online.

3) What movie have you watched the most times in your life?

The Holiday. I know. My favourite film is Catch Me If You Can. I also like David Cronenberg’s Spider and Keith Gordon’s A Midnight Clear – plus Schindler’s List and The Pianist. I am slightly obsessed with WWII history. I also like Hugo and Spirited Away, American Hustle, Hoffa, Ring and Now You See Me. I like watching films at home in the early hours of the morning. If I find a film I like on TV, it is like a small reward. I found Richard Bracewell’s The Gigolos on TV early one morning and felt like the chosen one.

4) What’s your favorite thing about twitter? What’s your least favorite thing about twitter?

I like the fact Twitter offers everyone a level playing field to air their opinions. I don’t like the fact some people have a superiority complex and try to show how erudite they are by being unnecessarily combative towards others. It’s a platform not a pulpit.

5) Who would you really like to have dinner with? (dead or alive)

I generally find dead people more interesting over dinner. But then I don’t really believe in death as such – and I’m not sure I believe in dinner. I’ll lay the table, see who materialises and let you know. I generally have a good hit rate with things virtual. If Satoshi Nakamoto could put in an appearance, as well, that might be interesting.

Watch Twitter Story:

Performed by Carina Cojeen

Bitcoins – Not just for Christmas

By Angela Meredith
Although he was hoping for the moon and a bull market, his only Bitcoin, depressed at life in a cold wallet, hacked himself and escaped.

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