Happy Birthday: Jimmy Kimmel

WILDsound Festival

jimmykimmel.jpgJimmy Kimmel

Born: November 13, 1967 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Married to: Molly McNearney (13 July 2013 – present) (1 child)
Gina Kimmel (25 June 1988 – 16 June 2003) (divorced) (2 children)

[on the premiere of Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003)] It’s insane that America votes for Jay. It’s my biggest fear. Everybody says it’s going to be great; everybody is positive. But in a world where Jay Leno beats David Letterman every night, you can’t be sure of anything. You really can’t.

[on Late Night with David Letterman (1982)] Really, the reason I got into show business is I wanted to be David Letterman’s friend. There are kids in high school, and this guy’s a baseball player, this guy’s on the wrestling team, this guy is really smart. I was the guy who watched David Letterman. I watched every night on a little black-and-white TV…

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