Interview with Festival Director Ginger Marisa Tontaveetong (ASIFA International Animation Society)

Festival Reviews

asifa.pngTheir aim is to put the spotlight on artist and animators locally and globally. Their signature event ASIFA-South RYO Animation Festival has been running for 14 years. With local panels involving professional locally as well as a monthly online panel with professionals in the industry around the world from Canada to the West Coast to Asia, they seek to provide our members and local community with the latest update of know-how.


Interview with Ginger Marisa Tontaveeton

 Matthew Toffolo: What is your Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers?

Ginger Marisa Tontaveetong: Our film festival has succeeded in extending exposures for our filmmakers/animators beyond the life of the festival to worldwide locations. With our screening selection from RYO (Southern Spotlights), the block is shared with ASIFA (International Animation Society) chapters around the world in which content is selected to screen around the world with participating locations such as Colorado…

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