Happy Birthday: Betsy Palmer (1926–2015)

WILDsound Festival

betsypalmer.jpgBetsy Palmer (1926–2015)

Born: November 1, 1926 in East Chicago, Indiana, USA
Died: May 29, 2015 (age 88) in Danbury, Connecticut, USA

[Getting the role of Pamela Voorhees in Friday the 13th (1980)] My agent called and said “How’d you like to do a movie?” Great! I had not done a movie in years, California? No, it’s going to be shot in New Jersey, and it’s ten days work, [I’ll] make $1,000 a day. But there’s a catch: It’s a horror film. I said “Oh no! It’s bad enough I’m known as a game show player on I’ve Got a Secret (1952). I said “Send me the script.” He sent it to me, I read it, and I said “What a piece of shit!” No one’s ever going to see this thing! It will come, it will go, that’s the end of it. I called him, and said “I’ll do…

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