Interview with Festival Director Jason C. Hignite (HorrorHound Festival)

Festival Reviews

HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival (as part of HorrorHound Weekend Convention) has been a fan favorite for several years. As the number 2 genre magazine (globally) their fan base draws people from around the world. They host two events per year, one in March (Indianapolis, IN) and one in September (Cincinnati, OH). Their events draw large crowds, with over 12,000 people at our Indianapolis show and over 25,000 people at our Cincinnati show.


Interview with Jason C. Hignite:

Matthew Toffolo: What is your Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers?

Jason C. Hignite: Our best offering to an indie filmmaker is exposure. Being that we (HorrorHound) are among the top genre magazines (globally) and that our events are the largest horror-specific in the United States, we are able to do several things. First, with our two events per year, we are able to put indie horror, thriller, sci-fi…

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