Interview with Festival Director Jonáš Vacek (The WE Festival)

Festival Reviews

The WE Festival
April 24th — May 1st 2016
The aim of The WE Festival is to stimulate local culture by connecting all groups present in the city, and use that collective empowerment to achieve together what would be impossible on our own. This can be hosting a workshop promoting sustainability, presenting at one of our Pecha Kuchas, performing at one of our music events or parties or organising something outside of the box. We’ve now had 6 years of experience and each year only gets bigger and better!
Interview with Jonáš Vacek

1) What is your Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers?

We are giving a voice to the unheard. Since we have blocks that aren’t seen at many other film festivals, focussed on diversity with multicultural and lgbtq community content. We even have blocks that are focussed on coexistance and sustainability. We love new talent and…

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