Watch TV Web Series: Hey You, It’s Me

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Watch the 2016 winning TV Web Series: HEY YOU, IT’S ME. It will be showcased at the Los Angeles FEEDBACK Film Festival in November 2016.


Watch the TV Pilot Episode: 

Two women. Two cities. Used, abused… but powering through!
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Created by Suzanne Schmidt

Frankie Ingrassia – Director
Suzanne Schmidt – Writer
Christie Maturo- Writer

Key Cast:

Suzanne Schmidt
Christie Maturo
Jonathan Pessin
Cindy Caponera
Reiley McCleandon
Suzanne Schmidt

Read INDIE Source Magazine Interview

Interview with Creator Suzanne Schmidt:

Matthew Toffolo: How did you come up with the idea for this webseries?

Suzanne Schmidt: I looked for stories I didn’t see being told already, at least not from my perspective. I wanted to shine a light on the journey of being a woman in the entertainment industry while finding the humor and strength-building aspects of the struggle. I also wanted to write…

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