Interview with Festival Director Berwyn Rowlands (Iris Prize Festival)

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The Iris Prize Festival is a five day public event which includes screenings of the 35 short films competing for the Iris Prize, 15 competing for the Best British Iris Prize, premiere screenings of new feature films, retrospectives, panel sessions, networking opportunities, parties and a glittering awards show. All events are open to the public and take place at Cineworld, Chapter, and Park Inn Hotel in Cardiff.

Past winners, include Dee Rees (US) – 2007, Till Kleinert (Germany) – 2008, Eldar Rapaport (Israel/US) – 2009, Magnus Mork (Norway) – 2010, Daniel Ribeiro (Brazil) – 2011, Grant Scicluna (Australia) – 2012, Tim Marshall (Australia) – 2013, Brendon McDonall (Australia) – 2014 and Arkasha Stevenson (US) – 2015.

Berwyn Rowlands(4)Interview with Berwyn Rowlands:

Matthew Toffolo: Why is Iris special?

Berwyn Rowlands: The Iris Prize – Cardiff’s International LGBT Short Film Prize is supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation and continues to be the…

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