Interview with Novelist Payne Hawthorne (Alpha Awakened, Dormant Desires)

Novel Writing Festival

payneInterview with Payne Hawthorne

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Matthew Toffolo: What is the general theme and tone of your novels?

Payne Hawthorne: My novels are all about souls finding each other. I hate to call them romances because I refuse to do anything by a formula, but they are all love stories of one kind or another.

All of my self-published novels are in the paranormal/fantasy/romance genres.

Dormant Desires is about humans who had no idea they carried dormant lycanthropy genetics, (These 4 titles are also narrated and up as audio books).

Fire Clothed in Skin is about Demons.

The Elysian is about a stranded Alien, and AdventuresinPayne is about Angels who at one time were separated…

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