Interview with Festival Director Jeremy Jantz (PDXtreme Film Fest)

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The PDXtreme Film Fest is the best damn genre festival Portland Oregon has ever seen! Taking place over 3 days at the historic Academy Theater, we showcase horror, crime, dark comedy, and everything in-between. Tales of the grotesque, the limits of the psychological, and bumps in the night whatever the cause! Does it take place in space? That’s cool too.

Interview with Jeremy Jantz:

Matthew Toffolo: What is your Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers?

Jeremy Jantz: We know where we stand. The odds of an industry professional in the audience just waiting to sign a contract are incredibly slim. We don’t do a script competition because the best I can do is give you a “thumbs up” and that doesn’t seem worth the fee.

But we care about our line-up of films. We want it to mean something that a film is playing at PDXtreme Fest, because that means…

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