Interview with Festival Director Patrick Vella (Malta Horror Film Festival)

Festival Reviews

The Malta Horror Film Festival is somehow different from many other festivals, because it is always moving from one spooky venue to another every year! The festival attracts about 3000 horror adrenaline enthusiasts who also come to experience our yearly 30 minute Horror House Experience! The films are constantly running from 7pm till 2am for 3 days! The feeling is spectacular and the atmosphere is somehow atmospheric! This year 2016 we are including the Feature film sections and including new genres, such as Horror Comedy and Horror Cartoons!


Interview with Patrick Vella:

Matthew Toffolo: What is your Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers?

Patrick Vella: Well, besides more exposures in other countries, we do offer the best filmmakers an opportunity to film with us in Malta. Malta has been quite a target to many film Makers and Producers including Spielberg, Pitt, and lately Bay. Malta…

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