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Today’s Loglines:

TV Logline of the Day: THE FIRST ONES, by Ageless

Novel Logline of the Day: THE RABBIT CULTURES, by Antonio Capaldo

Action Logline of the Day: LETHAL TO KILL, by Susan Ruggiero

Comedy Logline of the Day: HOOMANS, by Christoph Furian

Horror Logline of the Day: CHEATZ, by Lelia Steed and Thomas Salmon

Mystery Logline of the Day: BAY WINDOW, by Bryan Farrell

Thriller Logline of the Day: AGAINST ALL ODDS, by Tamual Dorsey

Drama Logline of the Day: BRUCE POPE, by Sarita Walker

Family Logline of the Day: GOOD AFRICAN BANANAS, by Victor Ogugua

Fantasy Logline of the Day: DOCTOR OF THE UNFEASIBLE, by Helene Perrin-Gouron

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