Movie Review: HE NEVER DIED (USA/Canada 2014) **1/2

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he_never_died_posterHE NEVER DIED (USA/Canada 2014) **1/2
Directed by Jason Krawczyk

Review by Gilbert Seah

HE NEVER DIED is an odd movie with a theme that counters the good cheer of the Christmas festivities. It is everything the festive season isn’t, so if one is fed up of friends and family and want something completely different, HE NEVER DIED might just be the film to satisfy.

The film is an off-beat one with an equally off-beat character. When the film opens, Jack (Henry Rollins) answers a knock on the door. It is his landlady. Paying cash from a suitcase full of money, he asked her for the time, date and day of the week. He then goes to his usual restaurant and orders the same stuff – hot tea. Things get weirder.

Apparently, he discovers he has a daughter, Andrea (Jordan Todosey).
People are trying to get to him and kidnap…

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