Watch SERIAL KILLER Movies, Novels, and Screenplay Readings from the Festival

Festival Reviews

Watch the best of movies, novels, and screenplay readings with a SERIAL KILLER setting in its plot:

Poetry Movie: HAMMER
Horror/Serial Killer Poem
Written by Cassandra Swan

Written by Cassandra Swan

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

Edited by Yujin Song

Music by Andrey Kireyev

    * * * * *

May 2014 Reading
Written by GK Parker

STORY Read By – Sean Ballantyne


A sociopathic LAPD cop terrorizes Los Angeles during the 1984 summer Olympics. As his horrific crimes become more frequent he is hunted by indifferent detectives who have no idea they are searching for one of their own.

    * * * * *

July 2014 Reading
Written by Sean Hood

STORY Read By – Holly Sarchfield


The Babysitter” tells the story of Annette, a teenage girl who is possessed by a spirit who is forcing her to commit violent…

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