TV SPEC Performance Reading of FAMILY GUY Show by Dave Chan (plus interview)

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Watch the Performance Reading of FAMILY GUY “What The Phuc?!”:


NARRATOR – Lorry Ayers
PETER – Adam Martignetti
LOIS – Marsha Mason
STEWIE – Dan Cristofori
BRIAN – Allan Brunet
CHRIS/PHUC – Geoff Mays
MEG – Victoria Kucher

Matthew Toffolo interviews winning television writer Dave Chan:

Matthew: What is your TV SPEC about?

Dave: Peter Griffin must find a way to get back his foreclosed house when Lois threatens to leave him for good. Meg falls in love with a new student at school who doubles as a heroin drug lord, and Stewie corners the market on Cheerios by pushing the popular breakfast cereal to addicted toddlers.

Matthew: Why does this script work and fit into the context of this TV show?

Dave: Much like the show, Peter’s foibles typcially land him and his family in trouble, but in my spec script, I also wanted to give Meg…

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