Watch Best Scene Script Reading of LEGACY (plus interview)

WILDsound Festival

I got a lot out of the feedback I received from WILDsound. It was thoughtful, and intelligent. I didn’t always agree, but then after a few days of sleeping on it, it sinks in, and you think “Okay, maybe they’re right, let me try this to get there.” Then, after I added it, I could tell it was better.

– Writer Marc W. Johnson

    Watch Best Scene Reading of LEGACY by Marc W. Johnson


    NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
    Virginia – Krista Morin
    Rose – Christina Aceto
    John – Allan Michael Brunet
    Diane – Pip Dwyer
    Julio – Dan Fox
    Vince/Damon/Carl – Ryan Anning
    Gary/Giles – Dan Cristofori

Matthew Toffolo interviews writer Marc W. Johnson:

1. What is your screenplay about?

How the secrets that are kept from us, and the betrayals we encounter have the ability to destroy who we are and remold us into something dangerous.


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