Melissa Krikke interviews Matthew Toffolo, CEO of WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival

Festival Reviews

On February 26 2015, WILDsound hosted their first feedback film festival of the year. Five short films were previewed to a sold out theatre. “Toy Boy” directed by March Mercanti, “The Man Who Fed His Shadow” directed by Olivier Perrier, “Fixed” directed by Codey Wilson & Burleigh Smith, “The Wheel of Time” directed by Kagan Kerimoglu, and “My Buddy” directed by Mark Moliterni were showcased. The lights dimmed and we watched the films in silence. Only the sound of ruffling programs and the munching of popcorn could be heard. When the lights turned on, opinions began generating out of the room. Comments ranged from discussion about themes, to the shots that comprised the film, to praise for actors. For certain films, the subjects of the documentaries, the actors, or the directors would be in the audience listening to the constructive criticism. Student volunteers, Marko Cvietinovic and Anita Lokhram, said the…

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