Tom Brady could be the most loved/hated athlete in history

And now what is Tom Brady’s legacy? What will happen with DeflateGate? Will he go down as the Bill Clinton of athletics? Brilliant and talented and one of the greats, but whose image is tarnished because of a lack of integrity.

Brady is so great.

I’d trade lives with Brady in a heartbeat. Greatest NFL player of all-time who married the greatest Supermodel of all-time.

You have to give Brady credit. He’s great.

– Anonymous Males at Super Bowl party.

He’s a smug jerk.

He cheated on Bridget Moynahan. He cheated on the NFL.

I don’t trust him.

I wouldn’t trust him around my kids!

– Anonymous Females at Super Bowl party.

I bet that there were millions of comments on Tom Brady at varous Super Bowl parties. Especially after his interview with Bob Costas on the pre-game show. You have to wonder why NBC showed that interview so early in the show because there was so much to reveal about who Brady is. I’m sure if they played it at 5:30pm instead of 4pm, about 40 million more people would have watched it and the social media conversations would have been so different.


By matthewtoffolo

Filmmaker and sports fan. CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival

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