Top 100 Super Bowl Moments of All-Time

The Super Bowl. For this Generation X Canadian raised kid, this is something I’ve always looked forward to. I am a sports nerd in many ways as I used to watch all the pre-game shows leading up to the game. From ESPN (and later NFL Network) to the network that carries the game show that runs from 12pm to the 6pm starting time.

Here is the Top 100 Lists website all-time best Super Bowl Moments. Watch video for each moment:

I started getting into the Super Bowl by the time the 23rd (Super Bowl XXIII) one came in 1989. I started playing football and began to really love the game and that’s when I began to watch it. So here on my personal Top 10 favourite Super Bowl moments.

NOTE: I am a rapid Buffalo Bills fan and they haven’t had the greatest moments. So I have left this team out of this list. 

10. Super Bowl XXIII – Joe Montana to John Taylor touchdown to win the game.

I was Curling that day (yes, I am Canadian) and watched the game in the Curling clubhouse with a rapid (but very nice) fan base.

9. Super Bowl XXXII – John Elway helicopter run.

Sitting in my friend Carl’s basement in Niagara Falls. I so wanted the Broncos to win as the NFC had a 14 game streak going. Perhaps the game where I got the most emotional and Elway’s run was that moment when I knew they were going to win.

8. Super Bowl XXXVII – Tampa Bay interceptions. 

Had a lot of money on this game and was over the moon when Tampa Bay killed the Raiders.

7.  Super Bowl XXXI – Desmond Howard kickoff return. 

Watching at my parents home with my friend Wes. We both called this shot at the same time. Coach Parcells was going to kick to Desmond and his ego was going to get the best of him.

6.  Super Bowl XLIII –  Larry Fitzgerald touchdown pass. 

Arizona didn’t win the game, but you really thought they would when Fitzgerald scores in the 4th quarter.

5. Super Bowl XXXVI – Tom Brady is introduced to the world

2002 was a time when I needed a sign that anything could happen. And seeing the Patriots and their rookie quarterback win the Super Bowl in miraculous fashion is exactly what I needed to see.

4. Super Bowl XXXIV – One Yard Short

I just moved to Toronto and was sitting by myself watching this game in the lonely city. It was a bizarre chain of events that landed me in Toronto and the same could be said for the St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans in this game.

3. Super Bowl XLIII – James Harrison 100 yard touchdown return

A shocking moment that I was in disbelief about when it happened. A great game in a time in my life when I needed happiness. And the Super Bowl gave it to me.

2. Super Bowl XXXVIII – 4th Quarter. 

Re-watch the end of this game. It’s amazing how much action there was in one of the greatest Super Bowl games of all-time. Too much the only thing people remember about this game is Nipplegate!

1. Super Bowl XLII – David Tyree helmet catch.

I was on a cruise ship of all places watching this at the cruise bar sitting next to a nice couple from Ann Arber, Michigan who both went to Nortre Dame University! Everyone at the bar was going for the Giants and it was such a shocking win.


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