Watch Selected Scenes from screenplay TO DIE IN TENNESSEE

WILDsound Festival

Mostly, it was positive things we heard about WILDsound and Matthew Toffolo. Also, for me, there’s a certain affinity for Canada. We used to get Canadian movies on the Bravo channel. I’ve never forgotten the sweeping prairies in a little-known Canadian film titled, “The Greening of Ian Elliot” or the frozen wilderness in “Lost in The Barrens.” Setting can be such a vital part of a story. That’s the way I see TO DIE IN TENNESSEE. The setting is almost a character in itself. It’s an adversary. The men of the Expedition fought the elements. They were bitten by snakes and chased by bears. They were almost drowned in their sleep when the river suddenly changed course, prompting Frenchman Pierre Cruzatte to say, “The river, she is like jealous woman. Stab you with knife while you sleep. Is not for nothing they call her the troubled waters.”

– Verlynn Kneifl…

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